Kevin Woods Interviewed By Opportunist Magazine

WoodsCover-232x300Attorney Kevin Britt Woods, partner at Harmon, Woods, Parker & Abrunzo, talks with Opportunist’s Managing Editor Leslie Stone about his firm’s area of expertise, why his work is based on quantity and why he finds it necessary to become emotionally involved in each of his cases.

Discovery & Confidentiality Agreements
Stetson CollegeHarmon, Woods, Parker & Abrunzo, P.A. Kathryn Lee provides an in-depth analysis into the proper drafting of confidentiality agreements for the Stetson Journal of Advocacy and the Law.

New Partner, Christa L. Collins
Partner Christa Collins joined the firm in 2015 to expand our class action practice. After litigating on the defense side for 16 years, Christa took on a series of civil rights class actions against many of the country’s biggest life insurance companies. For generations these companies had issued substandard policies to minorities and charged them higher premiums. Amazingly many of these companies were still collecting these discriminatory premiums.

Following these cases, Christa served as lead counsel in the DeHoyos v. Allstate Insurance Company, Civil Action No. 5:01-1010 (Western District of Texas), a class action that challenged credit scoring as a discriminatory underwriting tool and resulted in a ground-breaking nationwide settlement. Christa’s depth of class action experience also includes student lending, Fair Credit Reporting Act, fair debt collection, employment discrimination and consumer class actions.

A New Generation of Tampa Tradition Continues!
Davis & Harmon, P.A. will continue its Civil Trial and Appellate Practice as Harmon, Woods, Parker & Abrunzo, P.A. May 2010.

Steve Parker, becomes President and Managing Partner of the firm. April 2010.

Steve Parker, former Navy F/A-18 Pilot, interview by ABC Action News:

Navy F/A-18 Pilot Captain Michael Scott Speicher was shot down over Iraq on the first night of the Gulf War in 1991, was listed as MIA, then KIA, then MIA, and his remains were found in 2009.

Kevin Woods was an invited speaker at the Florida American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) annual meeting in Sarasota, FL. They spoke on Frye hearings and the exclusion of experts at trial. July 2009.

Thomas S. Harmon was recently elected to membership in the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) and the Tampa Bay Chapter of ABOTA.
July 2009